Why Mark is Qualified.

Mark has been in the construction industry since 1978. He has done framing, drywall, plumbing, electrical, concrete, foundations, roofing, painting, finish carpentry, cabinetry, millwork, siding, stucco, flooring, tile, appliance install, doors, windows, landscaping, drafting, and code compliance. He is a master carpenter and was a foreman for many companies. In 2006 he started his own remodeling contracting company, Eagle Eye Contracting. Our tag line was “An Eye For Detail” and our clients agreed. The company completed projects* in all phases of construction, from hanging a door or two to building a complete house from the ground up. Mark has physically put together almost all the systems that comprise a home. He fully knows how to take individual components and combine them to create these systems. This knowledge enables him to assess these systems visually for completeness and craftsmanship. He has also taken apart (controlled demolition) many of these systems and identified deficiencies then corrected them.

Mark passed the Contractor’s Exam required in New Mexico. He has been Lead Safe Certified by the EPA. He has been a member of the Home Builder’s Association and completed all but one course to get certified as a Certified Graduate Remodeler.

Mark also has a post-secondary education. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology from the University of California at Davis. He graduated with High Honors as well second in his graduating class. He then went on to the PhD program in Ecology at the University of New Mexico.


Mark is a professional home inspector

So Why Hire Mark?

Having a great education allows me to understand and visually identify deficiencies in construction. Long hours spent problem solving in college gives me insight and confidence to clearly assess components and systems patiently and completely. No one can just visually look at a house and see all the deficiencies without having a construction background. Many inspectors say they have long years of inspection experience and home inspection training but do they have many years of actually taking these systems apart and then rebuilding them? Do they have the ability to really know what is behind the hidden areas? How could they? Looking at photos and diagrams is not “hands on” experience.

Mark has extensive knowledge actually having his hands on the right components to create the right systems and structures. Being a contractor for 9 years also provides me the knowledge of how to run a business so you don’t have to worry about us being a “fly by night” company. We expect to be here a long time giving the Greater Seattle area professional services in the home inspection industry.

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